Zwinger vom Teufelsfelsen 
West German Bloodline (SV)
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Disclaimer we do not guarantee a puppy or dog will win a championship because it vary on the individual dog or puppy. Any deposit made to import any dogs or paid to purchase a dog is non refundable. Any questions,please ask before making a purchase. 

2X V1 Exter vom Team Brabandt

Elisabeth von der Lowenmahne

High V 
Mother Born: 4.9.2009
M:Baccara vom Christinen Brunnen 
VA3 (NASS) Duras vom Holtkämper See
Richter R.Mast
V1 Working Class 2016
USCA Regional ShowIPO 2 SV HD/ED normal
Kkl 1 
Father Born : 20. July 2012
Show Results:
VV2 05.05.2013 Richter T. Kopp
SG2 03.10.2013 Richter R. Meier
SG2 06.07.2014 Richter J. Hoffmann
V2 09.08. 2014 LGZS Richter H. Buss  
V3 May 3. 2015 Universal Sieger show 
Richter H.Konig 
V2 10.10.2015 Richter H.Konig 
V1 10.24-25.2015 R.Mast
Show Case Only