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West German Bloodline (SV)
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GSKennel vom Treasure Island

This is the beginning of my journey..

  German Shepherds Kennel and Tatra Sheepdogs began in 1970 in Bialystok, Poland. After several years of breeding I remained with only German Shepherds. The first few breeding dogs I bought were Neska vom La Plata and Berg vom Zollgrenzschutz .

  I joined Kennel Club in Bialystok and began cooperating with breeders and exhibitors in the Club. I also collaborated with breeder Ryszard Gesinowski Kennel '' z Krywlan'' who is an outstanding expert and breeder of German Shepherds. We had a very fruitful cooperation with Boleslaw Weselski Kennel '' Weselska Zagroda'' and one of the best known judges of German Shepherds in Poland and throughout Europe Zbigniew Szcześniak from Bydgoszcz. They all and another well-known judge and book writer of German Shepherd Dogs, Mr. Marian Szymankiewicz . He had very good contact with breeders in Germany.

  Zbigniew Szczesniak, from Bydgoszcz, had very good contacts with breeders in Germany. They brought excellent breeding stock from Germany. Almost all of our dogs were bred to the best dogs in Bydgoszcz. All those previously mentioned Kennels started producing excellent dogs, and winning shows in Schutzhund trials not just in Poland but also in other Countries. In 1988 I moved to New Jersey with a dream to continue breeding and improving the German Shepherd breed. I started here to look for good breeding dogs, but I could not find anything suitable for me. At this time there were not many good dogs in the USA.

  In 2001 I moved to Florida and settled on Treasure Island and started my Kennel named 'Vom Treasure Island'. After looking in the U.S. for top breeding stock, I was unable to find anything so I turned to my best friend and the best breeder in Poland, Ryszard Gesinowski for help. Ryszard breeds only the best dogs in Germany. His dogs were placed many times in first ring at the BSZS in Germany, and won many shows throughout all Europe with many VA ratings.

  In 2009 I bought PUMA from KRYWLAN; her mother was V Astra von der Jaeger Allee, father VA4 Kwantum vom Klostermoor. The following year I brought another beautiful puppy named Vinci z Krywlan, from VA1 Lena z Krywlan and 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard. Both of them went back to Germany and earned their titles Puma SCh H2, Vinci SChH3. During this time I acquired another beautiful female, Mary vom der Fangschleuse who was also sent to Germany where she received the title SCh H1 and bred there as well. This is a short story of a dedicated breeder whose main goal is to breed the best healthy and happy German Shepherds. I hope you enjoyed

GS Kennel vom Treasure Island.
                                                                                                                                    - Jerzy Mitowski

We are featuring GSKennel vom Treasure Island as one of our great partners
PHONE: 201- 988 3287

LOCATED : Treasure Island, FL
My Dogs
Vinci z Krywlan [Male]

V2 Puma z Krywlan [Female]
SG2 Mary fon der Fangschleuse [Female]
SG2 MARY fon der Fangschleuse 
Kkl 1 
Dam born : 01. May 2012
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1)
F.SCHH3 V SG5 BSZS 2009 Nelson vom Frankengold 
M.SCHH2 V Antonia von der Fangschleus
Emi vom Suentelstein [Female]
Emi v.Suentelstein 
Dam born: 28. April 2014
Hip: SV: HD a-fast normal (a2) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1)

Berg vom Treasure Island [Male]
2015 Fort Myers Fl. VP2 
2016 North Carolina SG1 
F. ALLADIN vom Bergmansland M. MARRY von der Fangschleuse 

Berg vom Treasure Island [Male]
Chacco vom Treasure Island [Male]
Chacco vom Treasure Island [Male]
2016 North Carolina VP1

F. FINN vom Zellwaldrand

M. EMI vom Suentelstein

Bella vom Treasure Island [Female]
Bella vom Treasure Island [Female]
2015 Fort Myers Fl. VP1
2016 Nort Carolina SG1

F. ALLADIN vom Bergmansland M.MARY von der Fangschleuse

Drummer vom Treasure Island [Male]
Amol vom Treasure Island [Male]
Amol vom Treasure Island [Male]
VP2 in Georgia
VP2 in Florida 
SG2 in Florida 

F:SCHH2 V2 Vinci Krywlan

M:SG2 Mary von der Fangschleuse


Disclaimer we do not guarantee a puppy or dog will win a championship because it vary on the individual dog or puppy. Any deposit made to import any dogs or paid to purchase a dog is non refundable. Any questions,please ask before making a purchase. 

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